Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

​Take part in the EAPS Simulation Lab –
a unique simulation-based training experience!

Knowing that simulation-based medical education is increasingly used especially in critical care area, EAPS 2022 presents to the Congress participants the opportunity to do a hands-on simulation and to manage and observe challenging clinical cases. During the 1.5-hour sessions, two challenging clinical scenarios will be reproduced in a fully immersive simulation environment. Participants will be able to do exactly the same things they can do in a paediatric ER, NICU or PICU to deal with medical emergencies using a ‘high fidelity’ manikin that reacts identically to a patient. After each scenario, skilled instructors provide feedback during a debriefing session in which all delegates will take part and can discuss together.


All EAPS congress delegates can register and take part in these sim sessions. Each session will host up to 10 participants for standard sim and up to 6 for the skills stations. All sessions will be held in English.


The Sim Lab sessions (3 per day) and skill stations (3 per day) will run in parallel to the main Congress programme on October 8, October 9 and October 10 and each attendee can register for a simulation session in a specific topic choosing between paediatric, neonatal and ECMO cases.


These simulation sessions using state of the art equipment will help delegates train for real life emergencies in their own hospitals. They represent a unique simulation learning experience that encourages an open and motivational discussion of performance and error, instilling the principles of teamwork in participants’ approaches to healthcare.


  • Space is limited, pre-registration and payment is required in order to secure your ticket.
  • Registration rates:
    • 50 Euro Medical Member, 60 EUR Medical Non-Member
    • 30 EUR Nurse Member, 40 EUR Nurse Non-Member


08:00-09:00  Neonatal Sim Skills Station #1: Difficult airways & LuSi
10:00-11:30    Neonatal Sim #1
12:30-13:30     Neonatal Sim Skills Station #2: Difficult airways & LuSi
14:00-15:30    Neonatal Sim #2
15:30-16:30    Neonatal Sim Skills Station #3: Monivent & LuSi
16:00-17:30    Neonatal Sim #3


Alok Sharma (UAE)          Jasim Shihab (UK)
Claire Boithias (FR)          Nuria Torre Montmany (SP)
Gilles Jourdain (FR)         Marta Sarda Sanchez (SP)
Anna Zanin (IT)


08:00-09:00   Paediatric Sim Skills Station #1a: Monivent & LuSi (ventilation)
10:00-11:00    Paediatric Sim Skills Station #1b: Difficult airways
10:00-11:30    Paediatric Sim #1
12:00-13:30    Paediatric Sim Skills Station #2a: Monivent (ventilation)
12:00-13:30    Paediatric Sim Skills Station #2b: Difficult airways & LuSi (ventilation)
14:00-15:30    Paediatric Sim #2
15:30-16:30    Paediatric Sim Skills Station #3: Monivent & LuSi (ventilation)
16:00-17:30    Paediatric Sim #3


Laurent Dupic (FR)                Irene Baena (SP)
Ulrich Terheggen (CH)          Marta Sarda (SP)
Anna Zanin (IT)                      Orsola Gawronski (IT)
Mehrengise Cooper (UK)      Santi Mencìa (SP)


08:30-10:00   Team Simulation #1
Commencing and complications VA ECMO
08:30-10:00   Skills Station #1
Elements of the ECMO circuit and troubleshooting
10:30-12:00    Team Simulation #2
Commencing and Recirculation VV ECMO
10:30-12:00    Skills Station #2
ECMO Cannulation VA and VV ECMO
14:00-16:00    Team Simulation #3
ECPR and End of life care on ECMO


Mirjana Cvetkovic (UK)                  Uri Pollak (IS)
Angela Amigoni (IT)                        Joe Brierley (UK)
Javier Urbano (ES)                          Jimena Del Castillo (ES)
Laura Butragueno Laiseca (ES)    Genny Raffaeli (IT)
Vincente Modesto (ES)                   Aparna Hoskote (UK)
Yolanda Lopez-Fernandes (ES)    Mehrengise Cooper (UK)
Giacomo Cavallaro (IT)                  Matteo di Nardo (IT)
Maria Jose Santiago (ES)               Jaume Izquierdo Blasco (ES)
Alberto Medina Villanueva (ES)   Jesús Corrionero Alegre (ES)


​If you have not yet registered for the Congress, you may reserve your place via the Online Registration Form.
​If you have already registered for the Congress and wish to add any SIM Lab / Transportation day at this time, please email