POCUS Hands-on Tech Lab

POCUS Hands-on Tech Lab

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to develop hands-on skills in point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in a sick neonate and child led by the world class instructors.  POCUS is becoming standard of care in the intensive care unit and POCUS skills are becoming an essential tool to provide high quality care in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units. 

This is exciting opportunity to learn POCUS skills and interact with the experts. 

Spaces are limited, pre-registration and payment is required in order to secure your ticket.



Playing it safe when managing a crashing child in the neonatal and paediatric intensive care unit – SAFE-R approach

POCUS Lab Directors: 

Prof. Yogen Singh, Dr Nadya Yousef

Co-leaders / instructors: 

Dr Belinda Chan, Dr Zoltan Gyorgyi, Dr Dusan Raffaj, Dr Maria Fraga 


65 Euro per session


The same 2 hour POCUS session will be run 3 times during the Congress as follows:

  • 8 October 15:00-17:00
  • 9 October 09:00-11:00 / 15:00-17:00

Session format:

30 minutes lecture tailored to the essential skills required in managing a crashing child and what skills be taught in hands-on session using SAFE-R approach – this will be followed by 90 minutes of Hands-on session on real subjects (models) and echocardiography simulator.

Hands-on sub-stations:

4 sub-groups – 2 cardiac stations, 1 lung / eFAST approach station and 1 vascular station



If you have already registered for the Congress and wish to add a POCUS Session at this time, please email reg_eaps22@kenes.com.

If you have not yet registered for the Congress you may reserve your place in the POCUS Session via the Online Registration Form.